MONOGO Trailer
This motorcycle trailer was studied, developed and built by a motorcyclist for motorcyclists like you.
The MONOGO motorcycle trailer is built with pride in Quebec
After years of testing, on highways and on back roads, the MONOGO motorcycle trailer is finally on the market. We managed to build for you a light-weight and aerodynamic trailer. With its awsome road handling, it follows the natural inclination of your motorcycle . And above all, its offered to you at an afordable price . The MONOGO was born a couple years ago and after lots of testing and modifications, we came up with a trailer that you will surely enjoy on your future outings.
Price : 995.00$ CAN
Here are some features of the MONOGO.
  • Its single wheel is strategically positioned to minimize the weight on the bike hitch.
  • The conception of its unique suspension (Patent Pending PA26 )is made to maximize road handling .
  • A double support stand is installed to keep the trailer horizontal when not attached to the bike .
  • The lighting system is made of low power consumption ultra bright leds that include the parking , flashers and brake lights .
  • With its unique attachment system ( Patent Pending JT 33), you can turn at an angle greater than 90° when backing up to park without having the trailer fall on its side.
  • The high-density polyethylene container is tough , light and really aerodynamic.
  • Container specifications : 7 cu/ft ( 198 liters ) container, 24" wide X 52" long X 16" high.
  • Trailer empty weight 54 lbs ( 24.5 kg ) and you can put in all the camping gears for two persons.